How do you say that again?

We’ve finished up our project here at Sahuarita Christian School, and now we’re busy packing the days with sightseeing before we head north (only about 75 miles) to our December project (south of Phoenix). Yesterday we went to Saguaro (sah-wah-roh – man, is that hard for me to say!)National Park, stopped at San Xavior Mission and spent $12.00 at the laundramat. (OK, so that wasn’t the best part of the day, but it sure was necessary!). Today we drove to Nogales, AZ – just this side of Mexico – to help with a Thanksgiving dinner for local (and across the border) residents. On our way back we stopped at Tumacácori National Historical Park (I don’t even try to pronounce that!). I have lots of pictures of our adventures, but tomorrow we head to Chiricahua National Monument, Coronado National Memorial, Tombstone and points in between. Since it will be an overnight trip ( oooh – a hotel room 🙂 ) I need to get busy packing a few things and getting this place picked up (and the dishes done). Being “out and about” for the last two days hasn’t done any favors for the tidiness of our little 350 square ft house. (You’d think it would be tidy since we’ve been gone, but I confess it needed work before we set out on Friday and now it’s componded by too many pairs of shoes, laundry that needs to find its way into drawers and all kinds of clutter that just seems to appear.) ANYWAY……more details and more pictures when we return from our travels. Promise.

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