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The Neighborhood
We’re just finishing up our first week here at Youth Haven and thought I’d check-in. It’s been a good week. We jumped right in on Saturday and helped serve a turkey dinner to the weekend’s campers. Every weekend between now and January 5 about 30 underprivileged children from the area will be coming for a weekend of camp. The turkey dinner was a special treat for the weekend – the kids were waited on instead of going through the line. On Sunday they even have “breakfast in bed”. (Well, not so much in bed, I’ve been told, but at least in the cabins!). Then after chapel and lunch they have a Christmas party and each child gets a bag of presents! They work very hard here to make each child feel very special on these weekends – and they seem to do a good job at it!

So while the weekends are hoppin’ around here, during the week it’s pretty quiet. I’ve been surprised how different the terrain seems here. Still very flat right up to the mountains, but more farming than desert. Guess they have that irrigation “thing” down! I’ve been working with Gary the last couple of days, refurbishing several park benches. He takes them apart, sands down all the boards, and then I stain and urethane them. Since we’re the only Sower’s here, it’s nice to be working together.

The way we’re parked, we have this wonderful view most every morning….

And then after our evening walk, we have this…..

We’re likin’ this neighborhood!

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