Arizona Sky

I’m sure you’ve noticed how much I’ve enjoyed the terrain here in Arizona. Have you seen enough pictures of cacti? How about another majestic mountain? Well one other spectacular aspect in this neck of the woods is the beautiful Arizona sky. The sunsets and sunrises bless me almost every day. This morning –
arizona sky
How can you not begin the day in awe of our great and mighty God?
Tuesday night….
arizona sky-1
arizona sky
Wednesday night…..
arizona sky
Even the reflected sunset is beautiful –
arizona sky

And tonight a full moon.
moon zoom
(Brought to you up close and personal thanks to my new camera (Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to me!))

5 thoughts on “Arizona Sky”

  1. Wow–that moon picture is great. What kind of new camera did you get??

    Also, I love the redesign of the website–I get your updates on a feed, so hadn’t checked out the new design before now.

  2. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you perked those shots up in Photoshop. I can’t wait to see what else you share with us via your wonderful new camera. I’ll be posting some shots of our ice storm soon, I hope (a far cry from where you are but no less spectacular).

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