Odds and Ends

No exciting Road Trips this weekend – but here are a couple of odds and ends –

The Mystery Building.
mystery close up
Sorry, Toby, but the sonic boom guess was a little off and no, it’s not a giant rain guage! It is actually a facility for practicing sky-diving. Yep, indoor skydiving! Here’s the link to SkyDive Arizona . I have no idea how it actually works, but we might try to get over there during the holidays to do a little research. Pretty Crazy, eh?
Christmas Cheer
Before we decided (as a family) to exchange names this year instead of getting gifts for everyone (the economy, you know), I had already started on some Christmas tablerunners for the kids and my sisters. Since I didn’t want to waste that good fabric, I proceeded on. I sent them out as Pre-Christmas presents and I think they have all been received by now – so I can share them with you. I think they turned out pretty nice – though in all honesty, I really do need to work on my machine quilting. Practice, practice, practice!
(all the centers were the same – only the borders and bindings are unique.)
Costco Tip
If you have a Costco membership (or know someone who does) I’d like to recommend the Coscto.com Photo services. This year I put together a calendar featuring our Vermont cabin that turned out really nicely. I was able to add important dates and I could have even added photos to the dates. The price was great (compared to other photo gift sites) and the service fast. Then I worked with my sister to make notecards. Again, a pretty easy process, lots of choices, and the price was very reasonable. Certainly much cheaper than if I had printed them on my little HP printer. So – it might be a little late for this Christmas, but thought I’d share my experience!
New Camera!
new camera
After much debate and research, I decided to go with a Canon PowerShot SX10 SI. It’s not quite an SLR, but it has lots of features and goes from a great wide angle shot to a great zoom. Remember the Roosevelt Dam from last weekend’s road trip?
apache trail-73
Well here are the ducks that were swimming down by the rocks.
apache trail-74
Pretty cool, isn’t it.
Plus it has a special setting just for sunsets 🙂 . Gotta love that!
Wait until I have a chance to play with the Macro settings! Whoooheee!

Have a great week! Get those presents wrapped!

One thought on “Odds and Ends”

  1. Mom was raving about the table runner you sent her. I can’t wait to see it in person. 🙂 You are so talented!

    Thanks for the costco tip. I wish we had one in Chattanooga.

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