Wrapping up the project

Today was our last official work day here at Youth Haven. Every project has it’s own flavor, and this one is no exception. We started out just the two of us and were joined for the last two weeks by another Sower couple. While we don’t mind working by ourselves, it was fun having company. The guys worked on refurbishing 10 park benches – taking them from this –

bench before to this benches after

From there they moved to doing a couple of other fix and repair projects and ended this last week building a BBQ pit and then starting a second one.

BBQ Pit toys

We ladies did our part by keeping bathrooms and offices clean and then yesterday we got to help sort and organize toys that had been donated. Now that was fun!
It was a good month. The work was easy (which made Gary a little crazy, but I enjoyed the easier schedule since I had Christmas stuff to work on) and the fellowship sweet.
Plus Gary got to drive this fun golf cart –
Fun Ride
🙂 🙂 🙂

Tomorrow is the start of a road trip! We are heading to Hoover Dam and also hope to take in the Grand Canyon and Sedona. The weather is being a little uncooperative (like Flagstaff just got 24″ of snow) and as of today the Desert View Drive on the South Rim was closed due to snow and ice. We are hopeful that by the time we expect to get there (Monday or Tuesday) things will have warmed up! We’re taking Lizzie, so we’ll have whatever “cozy” clothes we own with us (think lots and lots of layers), but I know we’ll be hesitant to drive into bad weather/roads. We’re all about flexibility, so we’ll just take it one day at a time!
And we’ll let you know how it goes!

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