Road Trip Part Deux

Now where were we….
The next day we headed out to do a little ‘splorin’ on the historic Route 66.
Rte 66 Day

This road went from Chicago to the Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. It has been called The Mother Road, and carried many a traveller during the great Depression in hopes of brighter days in California. Judging from the stretch of road we traveled, if they made it to Nevada things would be looking up!
Rte 66 Day-5
The views were amazing, the curves terrifying, and the drop-offs nerve wracking. But the road was paved, so that was a step up from other windy switchback turn roads we’ve been on recently! It was pretty hard to imagine those model T trucks loaded down with all your earthly possessions making the trip over these mountains, but I guess since it was all they had they made it work. Our destination was the old mining town of Oatman – now a town of shops whose main attraction are the wild burros that roam the streets.
Rte 66 Day-14
I don’t know if these burros were interested in the oil paintings, soy candles, turtles, tattoos, magnetic jewelry, collectables, or other “good stuff” being sold in this shop!
We finally made it back to the “big roads”
Rte 66 Day-17
and worked our way back to Golden Valley.
The day was quite a bit less intense than our Hoover Dam day and we were back in time for this wonderful gift at the end of the day-

Our original plan was to pull out the next day and head to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. We were prepared to weather the cold, but when the weather report called for snow and rain for the entire week, we sadly changed our plans. We WILL get to the GC, but it probably won’t be this year. Instead we took the road south and checked out Lake Havasu and the (famous?) London Bridge that was reconstructed there.
havasu day-1
Um, not quite the Grand Canyon, but still and all we can cross it off our list! The rest of the trip was full of lovely scenery and clear roads.
havasu day-3

So while we didn’t get to see all that we had hoped to, it was still a lovely little “vacation” trip to begin towrap up our time in Arizona. We’ll be here in Picacho for a couple of more days, will be flying to Columbus, OH next Tuesday for our Christmas with the kids (yippee!!!), and then will be heading to CA in early January. That was CALIFORNIA, friends!!!

Here are links for the rest of the pictures –
Route 66 Day
Lake Havasu and the drive home

Hope you’re having a lovely post-Christmas weekend! We’re heading off to help serve a turkey dinner to 30 or so hungry kids!

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