Whew – I finally made it on!

We’re not in the desert anymore!
We have made it safely to our January project – Palomar Christian Conference Center. It is located on the same mountain as the Palomar Observatory, but unfortunately the Observatory is closed for tours during January and February. I’m pretty bummed about that, but there are lots of other Points of Interest not too far away. The conference center is located on the top of the mountain so ANYTHING we need is a good 30-40 miles away (down a mountain road) so we’ll need to be careful planners.
We’re still getting a feel for the lay of the land but this much I have figured out. Almost zero phone reception and that means no internet in our rig. Another bummer. They do offer a wireless connection, but I can only get it down at the dining hall. Even that connection has been troublesome so my co-worker and I have been driving part way down the mountain to try to get some internet signal using our trusty Verizon aircards. And while that was working ok, for some reason I wasn’t able to sign on to this website so I couldn’t update. It has surprised me how much I have missed being able to look-up things on-line, stay up to date with my email, and generally have that “instant gratification” that we Americans are so used to! So it just means I’ll need to be more organized during my internet time. And it also means I’ll probably get more stuff done around the house!

But I must tell you, this place is amazing! Here is our parking spot –
I’ve posted our view from behind our rig as the header on this page – and across the parking lot we watch the deer come down from the mountaintop in the mornings…..
palomar deer

And while it was a bit of a nuisance driving down the mountain to get phone and internet signal,
mobile office
the view made up for the frustration!
office view
(see that shimmer over on the upper left? That, my friends, is the Pacific Ocean!)
But so far my favorite part has been the sunsets. I feel as though God has set his easel right up behind our rig.
palomar sunset-1
Last Night –wide angle….
palomar sunset
And then zoomed in….
palomar sunset-1
(there’s that ocean again – can you see it?)

So – if it seems a little quiet on this end, just keep checkin’ back . I promise I’ll be back!

One thought on “Whew – I finally made it on!”

  1. Hi Steph & Gary: I bet you are bummed. It’s a first but we can us ours in our Rig. All is well here. good project right on a Lake. I had to get new upper and lower dentures. So right now I am a hurting unit. Also a metal locker taller than I am fell and just caught the back of my heel. So I am hurting from the top to the bottom. It could have been worse.
    We are at Horizon with the Cronkwrights, Merritt’s, Frazier(soa) and GL the Carr’s. All good ones. We are cleaning dorms & doing lots of laundry after a retreat. Men made steps & a huge backstop on the ball field. We play games 2x a wk and will have a pot luck with AIM & Groveland this Thurs. What a beautiful family and georgeous grandkids. We love sunsets, but we do see beautiful sunrises on the lake on the way to Devos. Tell Gary I loved the Hune & Huly and yes Walmart does have gingersnaps, on the top shelf in a brown bag. Wish I could send him some. Take care and love you both

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