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(This was written on Sunday the 18th- but I am just now getting an opportunity to post it. Thanks for stopping back!)
Did you have a good week? We certainly did! We’ve settled in nicely here on our mountain top. First of all, the weather has been OUTSTANDING! We were a little afraid that we might be sloughing through snow, but so far the days have been crystal clear, highs in the 60’s and lows at night only in the 40’s. The guys have been working on some staff housing (conveniently located right by our rigs) while Nancy and I have been working at the office (conveniently located near the internet!) scanning retreat info into the computer. Since the camp feeds its staff lunch each day (and they graciously include us), we’ve been hanging around after lunch for our daily internet-fix. Ah……
This area was hard hit by a massive forest fire in 2007. While the retreat center was largely spared, there is evidence of the fire’s fury all around. Yesterday we drove up the Boucher Overlook to watch the sunset – and marvel at the view – we could see some of the damage. Since we could see Lizzie through the trees (not in this picture, but honest, we could!) it made me realize just how close the fire was to the retreat center.
fire remains

It was so clear that from our overlook not only could we see Catalina Island, but could also see the San Diego skyline.
Camera spider
(This picture is really to show off my new (thank you very much, Abigail) funky tripod! You can’t actually see the skyline in this shot. :-))
The sun was setting almost behind Catalina Island (which is almost 30 miles off shore) and was spectacular in its blazing glory.

from Start
Sunset 1.17.09

Sunset 1.17.09-1 Sunset 1.17.09-2 Sunset 1.17.09-4 Sunset 1.17.09-5

Sunset 1.17.09-6
To Finish
It was beautiful. And even when we returned to our neighborhood, the sky was still in sunset glory mode –
Sunset 1.17.09-9

Other high points of our weekend included a trip down the mountain where we managed to fit in stops at Home Depot, Camping World, Walmart, a delightful quilt shop, and In and Out Burger, walk along the beach in Oceanside to stick our toes in the Pacific Ocean,
and enjoy a piece of pie at Julian’s Pie Shop.

More “Day off the Mountain” pictures here

The internet road is still a little bumpy, but we’re making do.
Have a good weekend! I think we’re headed to Temecula tomorrow (mostly for the guys to get a Home Depot fix, but I think we’ll manage a little sightseeing. And there is always that exciting drive down off the mountain!)

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  1. I wish you could get out to Catalina. It’s SO beautiful! Not sure what the cost is for the ferry that goes over though…

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