California (Wild)Life

Before we head off the mountain, I wanted to share some of our more interesting neighbors. You’ve already met the deer

And Gary caught this family of wild turkeys crossing the parking lot early one morning.
Wild Turkey

I had my first spotting of an Oregon Junco – though they seem to be as common here as the chipping sparrow is back East.
Oregon Junko
This is a Western Scrub Jay spotted at our favorite vista office space.
Scrub Jay
One of the more intriguing natural sightings here are the countless fir trees that were literally riddled with acorns.
Woodpecker tree

We were quite puzzled until we spotted the culprit…
A woodpecker!
And the common name of this woodpecker? The Acorn Woodpecker. They must have really put their thinkin’ caps on for that!

This will probably be my last post from our mountain top. Did I tell you that for the first time Gary and I will be driving separately for the first leg of the trip? Apparently he feels that the almost 20 miles of 7% grade and countless hairpin turns would be less stressful if there wasn’t someone in the passenger seat gasping and gripping the edge of her chair. It’s probably a wise decision, and at least he trusts me to drive the truck down! Hopefully we’ll be reunited at the bottom of the mountain.

I’ll leave you with one last sunset picture.
sunset beauty

This I will miss.

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