The Missing Month – Part Three

Ok – it’s time to move on. Enough of this missing month stuff! So real quick, before I call it a night, here are some very brief summaries of a couple of excursions that happened while I was blog-less.
The Drive to Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds.
Probably the best part of the drive was being able to connect with friends along the way. Paul and Susan, friends from our stay at Teen Challenge last winter, live just over the mountain from Mission Springs in San Jose, but try as we might we just hadn’t been able to connect with them during our time there. Since San Jose was “on our way” to our next project, we finally made it work. And we’re so glad we did! And then as we approaced Sacramento, we met up with another high school friend and enjoyed a great evening together before she headed home and we snuggled into our spot at the Flying J. Our drive took us right through Napa and some beautiful countryside. And of course I was busy snapping pictures of the journey. Here is one of my favorites – I guess this is called Field Art?
Road to Alliance Redwoods-6
(I wasn’t too crazy about the “gusty winds” warning, but we made it with no trouble.)
Of course, if you’d like to see more of my windshield shots – there’s a bunch of them HERE.

Point Reyes National Seashore
Point Reyes Seashore Day-2
I had a hard time picking just one photo from my set from that day. The area was very diverse – beaches, cliffs, elephant seals,a lighthouse, cows, pastureland, elk,….it was quite a full day!
Since this is the condensed version of the outing, all I can say is check out the pictures HERE . I really think they can convey the day better than I can.
Wine Country
Last Friday we headed inland to explore Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. It was a fun day – we stopped at a couple of wineries, toured the Korbel Champagne winery, and generally enjoyed the day. The vines are quite bare – probably not the prettiest time of year to be sightseeing, but the countryside was lovely nonetheless.
Napa day-9
Not so many pictures this day, but a day spent with friends is always a good day. Here’s the rest of the batch if you’d like a glimpse into the day!

This weekend we took a spectacular drive to…..ooh, right, I wasn’t going to add anymore tonight.
Off to bed!

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