About that last weekend…..

So – we had one last chance to see some California sights last weekend before we hit the road again on Friday.(Since we have a three day weekend we try to take one day to do some sightseeing, one day to do chores around the house, and then it’s Sunday – worship and quiet. These are good rules!). When you are this close to the Pacific Coast it’s hard not to point your car in that direction. So point we did! But we went a lovely back road (i.e. windy and narrow but very scenic) to get there. Our plan was to drive to Fort Ross (north of us) and then come down the coast on “the One” to Bodega Bay where once again we were hoping to score some great seafood. It was a great mix of a day –
a little mountainside,
Fort Ross Day-2
a little history,
Fort Ross Day-10
(Fort Ross was a Russian settlement founded in 1812 to supply outposts in Alaska. It was a very interesting park, but I kept wondering if those folks couldn’t have found something a little closer to Alaska! 🙂 )
a little California coastline,
Fort Ross Day-16
great views and vistas,
Fort Ross Day-25
Fort Ross Day-26
and yes, some great seafood.
(Sorry, no pictures of the excellent fish and chips, but if you’d like to see additional pictures of our “Fort Ross and Other Sights” day –
check ’em out HERE!

But of course, we don’t ONLY play while we are on a Sower project. This month they kept us pretty busy. Rosie and I started out working in the office (doing some fun computer work) and ended up back in the office doing a mailing. But the middle week we were on window duty. We washed all of the dining hall windows and screens – inside and out. Lots and lots of windows. Lots and lots of screens. And pretty chilly morning temperatures. We were delighted when they said they had work in the (nice warm, near the coffee) office for us yesterday!
The guys had lots of variety too. Everything from drywalling and painting a room to making 40 outdoor lighting fixtures (out of cedar) to pressure washing and staining the fence around the pool.

Rosie on the ladder John and Gary and the Drill

We are parked under a canopy of redwoods
March parking
and the grounds of the conference center are just beautiful.
Alliance redwoods

We usually take a group shot at each project, but somehow we never got around to it this time. So the only picture I have of all four of us together (although we spent A LOT of time together) is this one of 4 very chilly and windswept tourists.
windswept friends
What a good month it has been!

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