Beeeeep. Interrupting your regularly scheduled program for an important birthday announcement.

There is something about that third child. Especially when he’s your last. Your baby. You laugh harder at his cute little baby sayings and seem to remember them more often when you’re in a crowd of his friends. You cry harder when he turns five and goes off the kindergarten because he’s growing up so fast. And apparently you never seem to have time to actually put him down for a nap-

josiah eating josiah napping joisah kitten josiah sadie

So today, on his 28th birthday – I can honestly say that YES, he did grow up too fast! But he has grown into a loving husband, true friend and lover of God. So I say Happy Birthday, Josiah Wood Conrad – may you have many a nap with your new friend, Gia!

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  1. Hi-we have a change of email address-make note please.

    Am enjoying your trip to Oregon. The pictures are wonderful and the scenery is great. You do such a great job with pictures. I have kept up on your entire trek from day one and enjoy it immensely. It makes me want to get out there and travel too, but Bob is still working so we can’t do that right now. Maybe someday. I’m sure you are just having the times of your lives-traveling and sharing the Word with the people you minister to at the different projects. What a wonderful couple. We miss you ofcourse but you are donig what God wants you to be doing. Spreading His love. Have a safe journey. Carol

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