Drive to Washington, Day 3 – Movin’ on up!

Drive to Washington Day 3
After a very rainy and windy night (and boy do you notice that when you’re parked all by yourself in a big ol’ parking lot!), we got a nice early start – heading to Oregon! We had heard great things about the Oregon Coast, so we were anxious to get started on the trek. We weren’t disappointed!
Our first stop was at a lovely state park just across the border outside of Brookings (known for it’s native azaleas so we’re told. I think we were a little early for that.) I hiked down to the beach while Gary checked out the visitor’s center – no 12 minute video today, but we did get a book that marked all points of interest along the coast which was a huge help to us.
Drive to Washington Day 3-1
Drive to Washington Day 3-2
Drive to Washington Day 3-3
(I didn’t realize at the time how calm the ocean is in these shots. Just wait until later in the day!)

I also spotted this Stellar’s Jay, and managed to get a pretty decent picture of him – so I need to share that too!
Drive to Washington Day 3-4
Since we were going to cross over the highest bridge in Oregon (345 ft), we decided to take the “short trail to appreciate the structure’s magnitude”. It was a little more hike than we had expected –
Drive to Washington Day 3-5
and I’m not sure you can even see the bridge from this shot, but it’s the best that I could get.
Drive to Washington Day 3-6
Yeah, it was pretty high. I love (not) those kinds of bridges. But I do love this shot of Gary finding the shortcut back to the rig…..
Drive to Washington Day 3-7
“I’m sure the path is in here somewhere…..”
So, Gary sent me out alone on our next stop – Arch Rock.
Drive to Washington Day 3-8
(Check out the trees – do you think the wind blows here much? I was FREEZING!!!!)
Drive to Washington Day 3-9
See what he missed by staying in the house?
More Road….
Drive to Washington Day 3-10
More Bridges (ok, so you can’t see the bridge, but this is what I saw from ON the bridge.)
Drive to Washington Day 3-11
More Road….
Drive to Washington Day 3-12
Oh – here’s a cranberry field!
Drive to Washington Day 3-13
Apparently Bandon, OR is the Cranberry Capitol of Oregon – there were lots and lots of bogs to see. We also started noticing lots and lots of these yellow flowering bushes along the road.
Drive to Washington Day 3-14
I got a closer look at them when we stopped at the Coquille Lighthouse –
Drive to Washington Day 3-15
It’s a pretty little flower, but check out the thorns. Something tells me they might not be the most popular plant around.
But the lighthouse, though closed, was still scenic.
Drive to Washington Day 3-16
And the beach next to it was full of driftwood. I’m not sure what that was all about, but I imagine it has something to do with all of the logging in the area and the fact that this beach was right where a river emptied into the ocean.
Drive to Washington Day 3-17
We decided to call it an early day and settled in at a nice campground outside of Coos Bay – Sunset Bay State Park. From there we were able to take the truck around to some other sights in the area –
Shore Acres State Park –
Drive to Washington Day 3-18
Drive to Washington Day 3-19
Shore Acres State Park – Botanical Gardens (This park had at one time been the estate of Louis Simpson an early timber baron. The mansion is gone, but his gardens remain.)
Drive to Washington Day 3-20
It was kind of like walking into different state! From crashing waves to calming ponds. It was beautiful!
One final stop of the day was to Simpson Reef and Shell Island Overlook.
Drive to Washington Day 3-21

See that debri on the little beach over on the left? Those are a variety of seals – harbor seals, elephant seals, sea lions….
Drive to Washington Day 3-22
Just a couple more, I promise.
This is from the tip of our little stretch of coastline –
Drive to Washington Day 3-25
And this is the Arago Lighthouse. We checked out a couple of different roads, but this seemed to be as close as we could get!
Drive to Washington Day 3-26

Here’s a map of our journey today-
Drive to Washington Day 3
And here’s a little detail of the where we are right now.
sunset bay evening
Post Script~
We didn’t get to church this morning, but I was struck again and again as we wove in and out between the mountains and the crashing surf how majestic is our Lord. How He is above ALL that we can imagine, and yet he calls to us, seeks after us, and loves us.

Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, O LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all.
1 Chronicles 29:11
Drive to Washington Day 3-18

2 thoughts on “Drive to Washington, Day 3 – Movin’ on up!”

  1. Hi Steph,

    Just wanted to leave a note to thank you for being so diligent in recording your amazing travels. I tune in almost every day. Your photography is great. I love how it documents the beautiful gift God gave us, which is this beautiful country! One question, do you know what kind of bird that was? It looks like it’s from the Jay family, but his color is beautiful.


  2. Hi!
    Thanks for being such a faithful friend (and blog reader!). I think the bird is a Stellars Jay – at least that is what it looked like in my bird book. It’s been fun to see the different flora and fauna in all of these different areas!
    Hope those tests went OK!

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