Drive to Washington, Day 4 – Over the River and through the woods….

Drive to WA day 4
It was another lovely day on the road in Oregon. We left our sweet little campground bright and early, and had an easy day, only covering about 130 miles. Today seemed to be a day of bridges, lakes, lighthouses, and sand dunes. We tried our hand at whale watching and while we did see a couple of “spouts”, I can’t say that I actually saw a whale. But the spouts were pretty exciting (for us novice whale watchers!).
Without too much commentary (right), here is a selection of photos from our day-
This was one of the whale watching sites –
Drive to WA day 4-1
The only thing we could see here were some ATV riders. Vrrrrmmmmmmmmmm
Drive to WA day 4-2
Behind us is the Umpqua Lighthouse, which is still in use and manned by the Coast Guard. No tours for us.
Drive to WA day 4-3
As we crossed over a lake, this little house intrigued me. I think it was totally floating in the lake.
Drive to WA day 4-5
More sand dunes – and we kept an eye out for those whales (no luck again!)
Drive to WA day 4-6
Crossing another bridge –
Drive to WA day 4-7
and another bridge
Drive to WA day 4-9
We’re headed for the lighthouse there on the bluff, but first we have to cross another bridge!
Drive to WA day 4-8
Drive to WA day 4-11
Quite a bridge, eh?
Drive to WA day 4-12
The lighthouse area and the lighthouse itself was lovely. After taking some beach shots
Drive to WA day 4-13
we took the nice (uphill) walk to the lighthouse.
Drive to WA day 4-14
Can you see our RV down in the parking lot? And that beautiful bridge? It was a great little excursion.(Even though we did have to un-hook the truck to get out of the parking lot. Ah, the beauty of not being able to back-up!)
Drive to WA day 4-15
Back on the road – more bridges!
Drive to WA day 4-16
Drive to WA day 4-18
More beautiful coastline (this was at Cape Perpetua).
Drive to WA day 4-19
Crossed another bridge
Drive to WA day 4-20
and arrived at our campgound – South Beach Campground. It was a short 1/4 mile walk to the beach, so we checked it out right after we got parked. (Yes, even before a nap!)
Drive to WA day 4-21
Then, of course, we had to go back for the sunset –
Drive to WA day 4-22
Ah, was a lovely day!
Here was our day on the map –
WA day 4
And with a little perspective –
WA day4-1
Now – it is WAY past my bedtime, and I know that Gary wants to get an early start tomorrow. I gotta tell you, this having fun is hard work!
Sweet Dreams!

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  1. Wow! I go away for a few days, don’t check my blogs and come back to lots of long posts. I’ve been trying to catch up for several hours. I love your travel log and all the photos. You’re in places I’ve never been now and I’m enjoying the tour.

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