Drive to Washington – Day 5 -I survived the climb

Day five began in the rain. But while the clouds never went away and it stayed pretty darn cold all day, I don’t think we actually had the wipers on for more than a few moments first thing. And besides, who says you need sunshine to have a good day.
Our first stop of the day was just across the bridge at Yaquina Bay lighthouse. Unfortunately it didn’t open until noon (ah, the trials of being an off-season tourist), so we didn’t hang around for the tour. Here it is – all shuttered up, waiting for the keeper to come and bring it to life –
Drive to WA Day 5-1
But of course I had to take a couple of shots while I was in the parking lot –
Drive to WA Day 5-3
Drive to WA Day 5
And the bridge from another angle….
Drive to WA Day 5-4
From Newport we headed north (since we are, after all heading to Washington) – next destination –
Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
And it was outstanding! Great visitor center-
Drive to WA Day 5-5
(that’s the 12 minute video going there! 🙂 )
Beautiful lighthouse (tallest in Oregon at 93 feet)
Drive to WA Day 5-13
Interesting tour
Drive to WA Day 5-9
and a wonderful natural tidal pool area. It was really cold, but I figured I might not pass this way again, so I bundled up and headed down to the ocean. (Gary opted to stay in the RV – chicken!)
Drive to WA Day 5-10
It was cold, but it was so worth it!
Drive to WA Day 5-14
Drive to WA Day 5-16
Drive to WA Day 5-17
Drive to WA Day 5-18

By now it was early afternoon, so we continued along to coast until we came to a nice spot to have our peanut butter sandwiches (we spare no expense while we’re on the road!). We came to a nice public parking area on the beach that just so happens to also be where the worlds shortest river (120 ft.) empties into the Pacific. This river is so short it only got a letter for a name. This, my friends, is the D river flowing into the ocean –
Drive to WA Day 5-22
And this is the other end of it….
Drive to WA Day 5-21
At 120 ft, I’m thinking this is most of it – but there may be just a little out of camera range. Sorry, I did the best I could. (It was really cold, remember?)
We had some friends in the parking lot while we ate.
Drive to WA Day 5-19
All lined up expectantly (facing the wind) – “do you think he’ll throw out another corn chip?”
Drive to WA Day 5-20
Yes – there it is, ….mine, mine, mine, mine.
But I digress –
We turned inland in Lincoln City and headed toward Salem, Oregon home of friends that were co-laborers with us at Teen Challenge.
Drive to WA Day 5-23
We’ve definitely lost that “coastal” feeling, but it was still a pretty drive.
Drive to WA Day 5-24
Salem isn’t a very big city and we pretty much drove through the middle of it. This is a picture of either part of the Willamette University campus, or has something to do with the fact that Salem is the state capital. But it definitely is a picture of something that looks like spring! And we certainly needed that reminder today. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Tonight we’re parked outside of Buster and Leola’s and tomorrow after we join them for breakfast we’ll be on our way. Tentative agenda for tomorrow? Vancouver, Washington and Mount St. Helens. Should be an adventure!

Map update tomorrow, OK? It’s really late, and that Gary makes me get up EARLY!

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