Going Crazy with the map thing!

We made it!
Warm Beach zoomOur last 12 miles (:-)) were uneventful, and we are all settled in at our April home. I haven’t had a chance to take many pictures, but since I have figured out how to do the “map thing”, here’s a zoom in of our location (plus I learned how to make the red dots and the pencil line!) You can see how close we are to the water (though there seems to be a large mud “flat” between us and any beach) and there are several lakes in the area. It’s really beautiful.
And we know we are close to Canada because most of TV programming is from Vancouver (like “Are you smarter than a Canadian 5th grader?”). I’m sure we’ll get more ‘splorin’ done in the next couple of days and I’ll try to get that camera busy!
But for now – we’re here and safe and thankful.
And thank YOU for coming along on our road trip! It sure was fun!
Warm beach far

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