Your Saturday Laundry Tip

Laundry Tip
Before we hit the road we decided not to have a washer and dryer in our rig. We figured we could use the space more than we could use the convenience. (And we do use that space – it’s where Gary has ALL his clothes!). Besides, we like the laundromat concept. Being able to do many loads at once means less time actually spent doing laundry. So since we are always doing laundry “out” we measure out a load’s worth of detergent into little Tupperware cups and then just carry those little cups with us instead of the whole jug. Then we just open one up and throw the whole thing into each load. Pretty good tip, eh?
But that’s not the tip.
The tip is – when you are using big laundromat style dryers, make sure you remove ALL tupperware parts before throwing the wet clothes into the dryer.
Laundry Tip-1
Just thought you’d want to know.

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