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Warm Beach-1
We have had the most beautiful days here NW Washington. And judging by all the press this beautiful weather has been getting – it’s the first stretch of nice days since last summer! Clear, sunny, 65+ during the days – just about perfect! And it sure is purrrty here! The camp itself is perched on a bluff above the Puget Sound – (you can see the water through the break in the trees in the picture above), and while where we are parked is a little more “utilitarian”, the giant pines and budding trees even dress up our little corner of the world.
warm beach
Here are some shots of the views –
Warm Beach-4
Warm Beach-6
I’m not certain what mountain that is in the background – maybe Mt. Baker?
Warm Beach-2
That’s one of the local eagles soaring above the Sound. He was enjoying the thermals!

So, just what have we been doing? Well, we ladies have been honing our skills as upholstery cleaners. They only have about a bazillion of these chairs –
Warm Beach
and we are checking them all for any spots and then using a big truck-mounted cleaner to give them all a good spring cleaning. This building has about 350 chairs, and there are at least three other building with chairs for us to clean. Job security to be sure! Here is Pat, one of my Sower co-workers, working on her technique.
Warm Beach-5
Probably the hardest part of the job is the loud engine that is running in the truck outside the door. 🙂
The guys are taking advantage of the warm (non-raining) weather and taking down a damaged roof over one of the playground areas.
Warm Beach-1
I think they’ll be installing a new one – but I also think the rains are coming back tomorrow, so they might be moving to a kitchen remodel. It’s all about being flexible!

There is lots to see and do in this area – the San Juan Islands, Cascade Mountains, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, and of course the Sound itself (with numerous ferry rides). We’ll also be busy doing some final planning for our drive to Alaska in May. Important stuff – like what’s the best way to handle our money, which roads should we take north, and will I have to give up my maple syrup since it’s not in its original container? Maybe I should have started asking these hard questions a little bit sooner!

Or made pancakes more often. 🙂

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