So many pictures – and so little time….

I’ve been playing with a new (free!) photo editing software (since my regular photo software is with my computer visiting with the Geek Squad) and have made a couple of collages that represent my week with the kids.
First of all – my time in the air. Now, I confess that since I don’t fly very often, I consider myself to be a nervous flyer. After all, that plane is pretty darn heavy….. But I have found that a window seat and my trusty camera has helped distract me from the changes in engine noise.
In the Air
Another highlight of the trip was the Big Girls Only mini-retreat. We spent the afternoon and evening in downtown Columbus (eating and getting pedicures), enjoyed a night at a lovely hotel, had a yummy breakfast and then joined the rest of the gang at COSI.
Big Girls' Overnight
Which naturally brings us to COSI – Center of Science and Industry. What an excellent hands-on museum!
Lara, Josiah and Abigail left on Sunday, and then on Monday we enjoyed a great (though hot) day at the Columbus Zoo.
When we weren’t out at “special events” we spent a lot of time at neighborhood playgrounds, playing Bingo and The Ladybug Game, and generally hanging out. It was a very special week – especially since we might not be able to get together again until the holidays.
Here are two final shots of the girls –
Ellie and Hayley April 2009
Maddie and Mommie April 2009
Being a Gramma is the BEST!

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  1. Your collages are very cool. I wish I could enlarge some of the pictures though. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

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