Tulips, tulips, tulips

By the time I returned from Columbus (and that great week with the kids), the tulips had come out in full force over at the Skagit Tulip Festival. I couldn’t resist all of the beautiful color, and I was very busy clicking away. Although the main attractions are the fields and fields of tulips, we really enjoyed a little “sampler” corner that was full of individual rows of beautiful blooms.

Tulips - Skagit Tulips - Skagit Tulips - Skagit IMG_7142 Tulips - Skagit IMG_7141

But those fields full of blooms were pretty impressive too!
Renegade Yellow
(I loved that little renegade yellow tulip!)
Tulips to mountains
Skagit Tulips

But our day wasn’t only about tulips! We also went to the cute little town of LaConner where we visited the LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum (well, actually I visited the museum and Gary took a nap!). The exhibits were impressive – the first floor full of quilts and quilt tops by a traditional quilter that not only quilted by hand, but also pieced by hand. Such tiny stitches!
The second floor was dedicated to work by textile artist Sheila Groman. One of her specialties is the crazy quilt – fantastic detail!
Crazy quilt Sheila Groman
And up on the third floor were amazing works of textile art by Karin Franzen. No pictures allowed up there on the third floor, but the art was stunning. Ms. Franzen lives in Fairbanks, AK – do you think she’ll mind if I stop by while I’m in town?

Speaking of Alaska (we were, weren’t we?) – our scheduled departure date is Monday May 11th. Our caravaning buddies have all arrived here at Warm Beach and this week, along with our Sower work, we’ll be doing all of the last minute chores in preparation for our trek north. Here’s our team – I’m sure you’ll be hearing (and seeing) alot about them in the weeks and months to come!
(We took them back to the tulips today before it started to rain. Already fields are beginning to be de-capitated of the beautiful blooms!)

Have a blessed Lord’s day – and if you’d like to see more of God’s tulip creations – the entire set is here!

One thought on “Tulips, tulips, tulips”

  1. I visited Karin Fanzen’s website and you are right: her work is amazing. I would have loved to see the pieces in person. The crazy quilt is fun too. I have always loved embroidery and the way it unites all those lovely fabrics. The tulips are fabulous too. I can’t imagine the feeling of being surrounded by all that color.
    You have seen some wonderful things in this travel of yours. I look forward to more beautiful places and variety of God’s creation as seen through the lens of your camera. Sure wish we were meeting up in AK – We’ll be thinking of you in HI (did you ever get the invite?).

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