√ making a list and checking it twice

  • Change Verizon Cell phone plan to include Canada √
  • Get Canadian Insurance card for truck and RV √
  • Decide which route to take to Alaska (Alaskan Highway or Cassiar Highway. We’re taking the Alaskan up and the Cassiar down 🙂 ) √
  • Clean the spring pollen off the roof of the RV. Again. √
  • Change the oil in the truck and RV. √
  • Lube all the appropriate moving parts. √
  • LAUNDRY – sheets, towels, jackets, EVERYTHING. √
  • Change filters – fuel, generator, water. √
  • Wash Lizzie √
  • Wash windows – in and out – mostly √
  • Pick up computer from Geek Squad even if the Webcam still isn’t working. √
  • Clean Shower and Bathroom. √
  • Make plans for our day trip Saturday to the San Juan Islands. √
  • Be thrilled that Lara is joining us in Alaska in June! √
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunset √√√
    warm beach sunset-4
    warm beach sunset-5
    warm beach sunset-6
  • Go to bed! √
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