Saturday One – Chena Hot Springs

After a productive morning of dusting, vacuuming and bathroom cleaning, Gary and I took off to Chena Hot Springs Resort – about 50 miles east of us. It was threatening thunder showers all day, but we had a nice ride through countryside that really reminded me of Vermont.
Chena Hot Springs Day-1
Chena Hot Springs Day-2
Chena Hot Springs Day-3

Here are the Hot Springs –
Chena Hot Springs Day-5
Somehow, once we got there, we just didn’t feel like paying $10.00 each to sit in giant hot tub. So we saved ourselves the money (and the need to put on those swimsuits) and checked out the ducklings in a nearby pond.
Chena Hot Springs Day-6
Have you ever seen ducklings swim half under the water?
Chena Hot Springs Day-7
Maybe they just aren’t strong enough to stay all the way above water?
Chena Hot Springs Day-8
Here are a couple of other shots from around the grounds –
Chena Hot Springs Day-9
Chena Hot Springs Day-11
Chena Hot Springs Day-12
The Model T of Snowmobiles!

The wildflowers are bustin’ out all over up here. We’ve heard a lot about
Fireweed – a wildflower that is one of the first vegetations to appear after a forest fire. (It’s also the Provincial Flower of British Columbia.) I thought I spotted some today Chena Hot Springs Day-4
but when I googled a picture of it, it didn’t quite match. Maybe they just aren’t open all the way yet? Whatever they are, they sure are purty!
Other beauties along the road (yes, I did make Gary stop so I could take these pictures!)

Chena Hot Springs Day Chena Hot Springs Day-13

So, Saturday One – Chena Hot Springs –
Saturday Two – The Arctic Circle!

Man, I love these three day weekends!

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