The Rest of the Story

OK – so we made it to the Arctic Circle. But John and Rosie made it all the way to the Arctic Ocean and he just dropped off a couple of their pictures of the day –
Here they are (shivering) as they stand on the frozen Arctic Ocean.
Camp Li Wa June 2009 4a 041  Arctic Ocean covered with ice
This was the only hotel in town (for non-workers)-
Camp Li Wa June 2009 4a 002  Pruthoe Bay 5 star motel
For the area I’m sure it’s a 5 star!
Camp Li Wa June 2009 4a 031  Prudhoe Bay oil processing plant
While the scenery right up in Purdhoe Bay was less than stunning, I know they traveled through some impressive areas –
Camp Li Wa  June 2009 3b 315  Mountain passes on way to N slope
And even though they traveled home through the same rain we did, they were blessed with this rainbow at one of their stops –
Camp Li Wa June 2009 4a 191   God's gift to us on 414 mile retrun trip

And Now The Rest of Another Story
Today is the eighth anniversary of our son Toby and his beautiful wife Tammy. I don’t have any cute/current pictures of the loving couple, but I did snag some pix of their precious little girls off of Facebook –
I think those were some pretty good years!
Happy Anniversary, Toby and Tammy!

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  1. I really enjoyed the pictures of your trip, since I’am thinking about the trip to Alaska. I think you folks are doing a fantastic job in your mission work, and also it takes a lot of courage to sale ones house and take off on the road the way you folks did. I would have liked to have seen more prices of things such as the price of gas and the cruises and maybe the price of food and also more pictures of the pull-offs for camping . I understand that there are some places that are free.

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