Friday Fun in Fairbanks

Today was our last “tourist” day in Fairbanks. We headed to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks (UAF) and their renowned Museum of the North. It was chock full of all things Alaskan, including two short films on winter in Alaska and the Northern Lights. Both were excellent (though the Northern Lights one was a little on the technical side!). But maybe the most fun we had was watching Rosie learn how to use an Eskimo Yo-Yo!
YoYo Rosie

YoYo Rosie-1 YoYo Rosie-2 YoYo Rosie-3 YoYo Rosie-4 YoYo Rosie-5 YoYo Rosie-6

YoYo Rosie-7
I’m done!

But there were other interesting parts in the museum –
museum of the north
museum of the north-1
museum of the north-2
museum of the north-3
Looks like Gary, John and Rosie were done before the rest of us!
After a quick bite to eat, we drove over to the Georgeson Botanical Garden – also part of the UAF. I was busy practicing my macro shots – I just love those beautiful flowers!

Georgeson Botanical Garden-1

Georgeson Botanical Garden-2 Georgeson Botanical Garden-3 Georgeson Botanical Garden-6 Georgeson Botanical Garden-7 Georgeson Botanical Garden-9 Georgeson Botanical Garden-22 Georgeson Botanical Garden-11 Georgeson Botanical Garden-10 Georgeson Botanical Garden-13 Georgeson Botanical Garden-12 Georgeson Botanical Garden-5

Georgeson Botanical Garden-14
Georgeson Botanical Garden-21
From there we went to the Large Animal Research Station (also part of UAF) where they do research on the Muskox and the Caribou –
Large Animal Research
See those folks at the bottom of the picture? They paid the $10 each for a 45 minute tour of the facility. We enjoyed the picnic area, a couple of close by muskox
and the gift shop (we could have purchased a tuna fish size can of reindeer chunks in gravy. For $9.00. I’m sorry, but eewwwwwww).
We checked out a couple of local stores and then ended the day with a great little sundae.
End of Day
A yummy day all around!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be finishing up a sewing project for the camp while Gary works on getting his tools all packed up for our departure Saturday night. Then we’ll be doing all the laundry, getting our inside stuff all put away for travel. We pull out in the early evening to get close to the Fairbanks Airport where we’ll be picking Lara up in the very early hours of Sunday morning. From there – it’s Denali National Park for us!
I think there will be adventures ahead!

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