Where did THAT week go??????

Last week –
Mt. McKinley, Glaciers, Majestic Mountains, Hikes, Moose, Bears, Whales, Puffins, Daughter
Today –
Sorry to be so behind in all of our activities, but between the busy-ness of being a tourist and some very slow internet connections, I just couldn’t seem to get regular posts posted.
In an effort to bring you up-to-date without boring you with details……
Denali National Park
THE mountain-1
Magnificent! We were there for two days – not enough for any true outdoorsman or hiker, but plenty for us. On day one we drove as far as a private car can go (about 15 miles) and then took a beautiful hike along Savage Creek.
Savage River Hike-4
We were able to see Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) on our drive with just a little bit of cloud cover and the other views were spectacular. Our second day we took a park bus trip (about 8 hours) further into the park, about 66 miles. On that trip we saw 5 Grizzly bears (including a mama with two young cubs), mountain sheep, moose and more beautiful vistas that you can imagine. And since I remembered my camera and extra batteries, but left my memory card back at the computer, all of those sights will just have to remain in my memory!
They say that The High One is only visible about 20% of the time, so we were pleased to get the mostly clear views that we did. Ironically, the only crystal clear view we had was as we drove south from Fairbanks – around 3:30 in the morning!
Denali 3.30
The mountain is over 100 miles away here!
Seward and the Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise
Kenai Cruise-20
Our other big event was an overnight in Seward (camped right on the water)
Seward Campground-1
and a beautiful cruise down Resurrection Bay. Like our cruise out of Skagway, this was excellent! We saw lots of whales, sea otters, puffins, dall porpoise, seals and sea lions, many other birds, and several glaciers.
Kenai Cruise-5
Kenai Cruise-9
Kenai Cruise-15
Kenai Cruise-22
Kenai Cruise-27
Our final day together was spent driving to Anchorage for her late night flight back to Texas. It turned out to be quite the wildlife drive!
From this bull moose first thing-
to this Mama and calf outside of Hope (who crossed the road right in front of us)
to the two bears along the highway along the Turnagain Arm –

Bear Bear-1

to even more moose (this time with twins!)Moose-9
and finally we even spotted a couple of mountain sheep up on the cliffs on our way back to the rig –

So our hectic fun week with Lara has come to a close. After 14 hours either in the air or sitting in airports, she is home in Waco, and yes, our laundry is caught up! It was a wonderful visit – and we miss her already!
Anchorage Day-4

You know there are more pictures……. 🙂
Denali National Park
Seward and the Kenai National Park Cruise
Driving to Seward
Anchorage Day

2 thoughts on “Where did THAT week go??????”

  1. As always, your photos are spectacular! I enjoyed your little mini tour.
    We’re back from Hawaii now and I hope to start posting to my blog soon.

  2. Glad you are back to blogging.. We also went to Danali too but did not see that much wildlife or Mt McKinley that clear.. also went to Steward..Where are the other 2 cou[ples? and are you going to meet them again and work at Slodona??? Waiting for more pics..

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