Arctic Lupine Obsession

I must tell you that Alaska really knows how to “do” wildflowers. Right now it is “doing” Arctic Lupine like there’s no tomorrow! While they often line the roads up here, sometimes it’s a little tricky to just stop and take pictures. But this little pull-off absolutely called to me with its abundance of the purple beauties. And I cannot resist sharing all of these pictures. I just can’t pick a favorite!
Lupine Field-8
Lupine Field-9
Lupine Field-6
Lupine Field-5
Lupine Field-4
Lupine Field-3
Lupine Field-1
Lupine Field-7
Lupine Field-12

OK – there are actually a couple more here (plus a couple mountains shots), but I think you get my drift about how stunning these flowers are!
And, coming soon to a roadside nearby – the Fireweed!
Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Arctic Lupine Obsession”

  1. I’m enjoying you great pictures. It’s great to see Alaska again in all its glory. I yold you they grow the biggest flowers due to all the daylight. Wow Mt McKinley was visible! That’s amazing. We didn’t get to Denali but when we do AK in an rv we’ll get to see much more than just visiting on mission trips. Where are you friends you were with? Are you going to do any SOWER projects for A;laska Bible College in Glennalen? That’s where we were and met some SOWERS there. Love you site!! Keep it coming.

  2. Alaska really does know how to do things BIG! The flowers are amazing, just like you promised. 🙂
    Since we had two weeks between our June and July projects and two of us were having visitors during that time, our little caravan temporarily disbanded for our “down” time. The Jay and Naomi have been hanging around with two other Sower couples (with whom we’ll be working next month), John and Rosie just took their daughters to the airport yesterday, and our new addition, Pete and Ellen are off having fun with some general sightseeing but I think they just hooked back up with John and Rosie. We’ll all be regrouping on Saturday for our July project which is in Soldotna at Solid Rock Bible Camp. Alaska Bible College isn’t an official Sower project any longer – but I know we are planning on stopping by on our way to the lower 48.
    When are you and Bob going to join Sowers??????

  3. Your photos of lupines are fabulous. The ones in our yard are blooming (I thought we might miss them while we were away) but I love the visual impact of so many of them in the field, and with majestic mountains to boot.

  4. Join Sowers? Bob is still working!!!
    When you go to Ak Bible College say hi to Ken and Karen Pregizer for us. They work with the summer missionaries getting missionaries out to the remote parts of Ak for childrens camps and bible school. Didn’t know that AK bible college was no longer a sower project. They always have work to be done. We haven’t been up for maybe 4-5 years though.
    Loving all your pictures. You really could sell people on Sowers with all your writings and pictures. You manke it sound so fun.
    Looking forward to having Jennifer and the kids with us for 2 weeks the end of July-can’t wait. You know she had another baby in Feb. She now has 3 girls and 1 boy. Caleb is 8, Kierra 4, Kelsey 2, and Kallie 5 mos. What a blessing they are but they are toooooo far away.
    Keep on trekkin!!!

  5. Hey, just cause Bob is still working doesn’t mean you can’t join Sowers! A project is only three weeks long and there are probably a dozen or so within a days drive of Chalfont! Just sayin’…….
    Have fun with those grandbabies!!!!!!

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