Whacha doin’ in Moose Pass and what happened to those other folks you were traveling with????

Inquiring minds want to know.
First – our traveling companions. Since there are two weeks between our June Project (Camp Li-Wa in Fairbanks) and our July project (Solid Rock Bible Camp in Soldotna) and some of us had family coming up for part of that “down” time, we decided to each “do our own thing” during those two weeks. We’ve all been milling around the same area – seeing Denali, checking out Anchorage, doing wildlife cruises and the like, but we’ve all been on our own time tables. We’ve even occasionally bumped into each other! Last I heard Jay and Naomi were getting ready to do a tram ride in Girdwood, and John and Rosie and Pete and Ellen were recovering from a hike that turned out to be a little more challenging than anticipated! We’ll be regrouping at the end of this week at Solid Rock. (Actually we’ll probably be meeting up at the Fred Meyer’s Parking lot!) All is well – no trial separation here, just a little “alone” time!
Whacha doin’ in Moose Pass? is a little more complicated! It has to do with a Facebook connection that almost didn’t happen, a friend of Lara’s (whom she hadn’t seen since college graduation but lives not only in Alaska but her driveway is on the Sterling Highway!), expensive campgrounds in Homer, and the need for a plumber. Got that? Let’s just say it’s one of those “God Things” that surprised all parties involved!
So here we are – Gary is busy working on digging out holes in concrete and installing drain lines,
and I’m enjoying sewing and visiting and catching up on chores.
The Milligan family (our hosts) consist of Wendy and Mark and three of the cutest kids I’ve seen since Ohio! (And about the same ages as those Ohio grandgirls!).
This is Andrew
Milligans Andrew
He’s a boy’s boy – with much too much important stuff to do than worry about a little lunch left on his face!
This is Jacob –
He’s kinda shy and doesn’t like to look at the camera (or take off his hat!). But we’re getting to be friends!
This is Anna –
She’s just about edible, don’t you think?
They have a little farm thing going on here and everyone helps out –
There are two goats, Butterscotch and Sally
who love to explore under our rig when they’re out.
No eggs from the chickens YET – but give it another month or two, and I think they’ll be sitting pretty!
Plus they have a big ol’ puppy, Sophie – part St. Benard, Great Pyrenees, and something else huge.
Milligans-2Pet me, Pet me!
A couple more shots-
Welcome to Moose Pass (with the addition of a cousin!)

So there you have it! Gary should be wrapping up all the drainline goodness tomorrow sometime, and then we’ll pack up and head to Soldotna. Just in time for a lovely reunion with our wandering friends!

PS – if you’re trying to figure out just where all these places are, I’ve posted a couple of maps on my “Where are we now” page. Hopefully they will make some sense!

One thought on “Whacha doin’ in Moose Pass and what happened to those other folks you were traveling with????”

  1. Those are some cute kids you found there! (I know, I know-I’m a bit biased)1 🙂 Great pics…I’ll have to put a link to this post when I finally catch up on blogging!

    I wish there was some way to express what a blessing you have been to us…it has been a real joy to have you here! I pray our paths cross again soon (with a little less work involved for Gary)!

    “I thank my Lord upon every remembrance of you…” Rich blessings upon you and your ministry!


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