Can I back up for a minute?

I’ve mentioned before that during our two weeks between projects our little caravan split up and we each “did our own thing.” John and Rosie and their daughters Martha and JJ were just a couple of days behind us as we all milled around the Denali-Anchorage-Seward area. We were hoping to be able to connect with them while Lara was still with us, but it just never worked out. They were a little more adventurous that we were and managed to fit in some Off-road ATVing –
Alaska Denali Park June 2009  ATV ride at 10PM
(and it true Alaskan Summer style – this was taken at 10PM)
along with some white water rafting –
Alaska JJ and Martha June 2009 White water rafting and all smiling after class 4 rapids.
Still smiling after a Class IV rapids!

They took the same Kenai Cruise that we did, just several days later.
Alaska JJ and Marth RV Seward June 20094 Glacier boat ride_
And someone was clicking at just the right moment –
RSCN2633  Whale doing the flying pickle_edited-1
We did finally get to meet the girls before they flew back to the East Coast, and it sure was nice to put some faces to the names! (and they were pretty darn cute faces at that!)

JJ and Marth RV Seward June 2009  RV-n ladies Alaska Denali Park June 2009  All day walk through God's creation

A good time was had by all!

2 thoughts on “Can I back up for a minute?”

  1. Hi —

    I must de-lurk… I have really been enjoying your Alaska trip. I have been following your BLOG pretty much from the start. I used to work with you …. sort of… I was at Lenze in Kansas when we were working on a Northrup Grumman project…. a LONG time ago. I really do enjoy your BLOG. We have a camper and you just keep adding to my “someday I want to go there” list.


  2. Well, hello! So glad you’ve de-lurked! And especially glad you’ve been hangin’ around for a while. ūüôā
    Ah, the Northrup Grumman days….that was a loonnng time ago! That was some pretty crazy shipment schedules we(you) were keeping on top of! We’ve been on the road almost 5 years – I can hardly believe it! I can heartily recommend this lifestyle. We are having a GREAT time!

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