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Sorry it’s been so quiet here lately. I’ve been, well, working! It’s been nice to get back into the Sower routine here at Solid Rock and the days have been passing in a pretty regular fashion. You know-work, laundry, house chores, work, that kind of stuff. I’ll fill in more of the camp details when I have a chance to snap some more pictures, but tonight I wanted to share about of our Saturday One activities – a mini road trip to Homer, where the Sterling Highway ends. (Remember that lesson about how all the roads in AK are named? Check it out HERE!) Our entire Sower gang was going together so we split into two cars – the guys in one, and the gals in another. (An interesting arrangement, and while I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, it seemed to serve the purpose for the day.) The guys had a couple of stops to make on the way, and we ladies were going to try to get a quilt shop stop out of the way before we all met up in Homer. Somewhere. It was a pretty loose plan, but hey, isn’t that why we all carry around cell phones?
The day started like any good (chick) road trip day should – with a great bakery item. In our case it was a divine (as Rosie would say) Apple Fritter from The Moose is Loose bakery in Soldotna. Yummmmmmm
Moose is Loose
Definitely enough carbs there to get us to Homer!
Because everyone in the car lives pretty much full-time in a recreational vehicle – we couldn’t resist a quick stop to take pictures of this rig – quite a renovation!
RV House
RV House-1

But, on to Homer.
The views from the overlook outside of town were lovely. Between the haze and a layer of smoke from some wildfires in the area, the mountains weren’t very clear, but it was still a lovely spot.
Looking south –
Looking north –
We connected with the guys at the visitor center (great 12 minute video!), and took a nice walk to the beach.
And then we drove down to the Homer Spit. If it involves having fun on the water or catching fish, you can make it happen on The Spit. Oh, you can also eat some great seafood, take a float plane to see bears feeding on the salmon from the air, and spend lots of money in galleries and gift shops!
We walked around both Homer and the Spit, decided that no one could afford to go Halibut fishing (nor did any of us have large enough freezers in the event we caught any of those enormous fish!), and took a scenic drive to another overlook where you could get a good view of the Spit and the magnificent mountains beyond.
We also checked out a Antiochian Orthodox Church that was nestled up in the mountains above Homer –Homer-20
We also stopped at a Russian Orthodox Church on the way home, outside of Ninilchlik. (The church in Homer has a congregation of about 50. The one Ninilchik is closed) The Russian influence is huge here (and considering that we bought Alaska from them, we ought not be surprised!). It’s been interesting to see the blend of the Alaskan Indians, the Russians, and the Homesteading (Goldrush) Americans in the culture of Alaska.
It was a long day – but a good one. There was lots more to see and do in Homer, but I think we got a taste of the area. If you’d like to see more photos of the day – you can find them here!

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  1. GLAD THAT YOU ARE ALL BACK.. We were in Homer too.. Did you ever stop at those wood carving places??? fish, bears, moose, etc. We are enjoying Sowers here in Colorado…You really take some nice pics… Tell everyone HI ..

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