Kitchen Fun

As a “Sower Lady” I’ve done all kinds of jobs. Among other things, I’ve painted, cleaned, folded, cut, scrubbed, mailed, answered, held, typed, shredded, scanned, tutored, sewed and cooked. While I’m happy to be doing anything that is needed (really!) probably my two favorite job assignments would be sewing and cooking. Let me say that this project is coming together just fine! For the last week I’ve been working in the kitchen, helping to get dinner on the table for 250 +/- hungry campers and staff (and Sowers!). It’s been lots of fun!
This is Anna –
SRBC - Anna
She doesn’t always looks so dangerous with that big knife. She is helping out this week because one of the regular helpers has been out sick. She’s a runner and an art teacher and lots and lots of fun to have in the kitchen.
SRBC - Anna-1
See – I think she’s trying out for Rachel Ray!
This is Emily.
SRBC - Emily
She is the goddess of baking! We’ve had homemade rolls every night with dinner, along with cookies and cakes and other yummy goodness for deserts each day. And on Friday mornings – it’s homemade sticky buns. Yes, indeed, we love Emily!
SRBC - Rolls
This is Cindy.
SRBC - Cindy
She’s the Boss of the Us in the afternoon. She’s quite an accomplished cook and has a wonderful way of explaining what needs to be done and then letting us do the job. Her son is the one who’s out sick, so she also has been putting in some extra hours. She is small but mighty, and a great boss!
SRBC - Cindy-1
SRBC - Cindy-2
(And she really loves getting those steam facials!)

And this is Toni and I, today’s Sower ladies in the kitchen. See, they even let us play with the big knives!
SRBC - Toni and Steph
Pretty much we’ve been staying on top of the carrot and celery sticks and making sure there is enough salad each day for dinner.

This is Toni working on her giant lettuce spinner technique! Gotta keep that chin out of the way of that handle!
SRBC - Toni and the Salad Spin

After all the veggies were cut we got to help with the last minute “get it on the table” stuff – like taking care of those homemade rolls.
SRBC - Steph and the rolls
Since I buttered the tops, does that mean I get credit for making them?
SRBC - Steph and the butter

Tuesday I won’t be working in the kitchen. 🙁
But it’s really OK, since I’ll be sewing new aprons for the cooks and helpers.
See, I told you this project was panning out just fine!

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