Back to the Lower 48 – Day 7

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Chicken to Dawson City – The Top of the World Highway
Today we drove 108 miles. And it only took us 4 1/2 hours.
Gary has talked about driving the “Top of the World Highway” since we started planning this trip. I wasn’t so set on it, having heard stories of flat tires and bad road. I’m so glad Gary persevered and we did the deed. (Mind you, since he’s the driver he usually does get his way!) Part of the road we had done before when we drove to Eagle, so we were expecting the washboard roads, sheer drop offs and blind corners. What we weren’t expecting was the incredible feeling that we were indeed on the top of the world.
Top of the World Hwy-5
We saw lots of caribou-
Top of the World Hwy-10
Their antlers are so impressive. Both male and female have antlers – and they grow a new set each season. And they are HUGE! It was a treat each time we came upon some!
Top of the World Hwy-4
As you can see in this picture of the road – it’s easy to spot when traffic is approaching. That’s the plume of dust coming down the center of the picture!
Top of the World Hwy-3
But more often than not the road ahead looked like this –
Top of the World Hwy-9
(Pardon the dirty windshield – you just can’t control those bugs!)
We made it to Dawson City with all tires intact, and although I have a film of dirt over almost everything (You could write your name on the toilet seat cover. Guess there was a window open? Oops.), it was well worth the journey. More pictures are here, and I’ll have more to say about Dawson City, Yukon Territory (and the place where the Gold Rush started) on my next post. In real time it’s Friday morning (hey, only one day behind!), and we’re getting ready to pull out of this nice little campground with such great internet!
Have a good weekend, everyone!

Day 7 – 108 miles. Mostly dirt (though the Canadian side had parts that were paved and on the whole was much better driving than the US side). Standing on the Top of the World.

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