Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake Pano
Phew – what a beautiful day this was! We’d become quite accustomed to doing our sightseeing in cloudy rainy weather lately, so we were delighted when today dawned bright and clear. It was a PERFECT day to marvel at the handiwork of our Mighty Creator! As we drove across the “Going to the Sun Road” in Glacier National Park, we saw crystal clear lakes, breathtaking mountains, all kinds of critters, roads hanging on the side of those mountains and abundant wildflowers. We took a short hike (3 miles – good for us old wheezing folks!) and so enjoyed that. Besides the wildflowers that carpeted the hillsides, there were big horn sheep and mountain goats (like right on the path), marmots, and of course the ever present ground squirrel. When I downloaded my pictures from the day, there were 465! Yikes! I think that’s a record even for me! I deleted the obivious duplicates and the ones that were just too fuzzy to count, and then tried to pick 20 or so to upload to Flickr. Well, I got it down to 63. Sorry, it’s the best I could do!
Here are some random picks from those 63 – feel free to check them all out HERE if you’d like to see more!
Glacier National Park
St. Mary Lake in the early morning light.
Glacier National Park-7
Mountains (I’m sure they have names, but I was too busy snapping pictures to figure out who was who!)
Glacier National Park-8
One of two tunnels on the road
Glacier National Park-9
Blankets of wildflowers on our hike.
Glacier National Park-12
Honest, it got more “hike-like” as we headed up to the Hidden Lake overlook.
Glacier National Park-21
Glacier National Park-27
Some of the goats we got up close and personal with!
Glacier National Park-32
Glacier National Park-33

Glacier National Park-42
That’s the road snaking across the middle of the mountain. And that was the non-stressful part of the drive!
Glacier National Park-44
Glacier National Park-46
Glacier National Park-47
Glacier National Park-54

This is one of the historic hotels in the park –
Glacier National Park-60
And then from the “front” –
Glacier National Park-61

We really only scratched the surface of this beautiful park. I hope we can come back sometime and spend a little more time exploring the beauty of this place. We’d love to come back and soak in some more of this beauty!

Tomorrow we head out – south to Manhatten (yes, there is a Manhatten, Montana), then on to our September project outside of Missoula. It’s back on the road for us! I think we’re running out of Tourist Dollars! 🙂
I think I’m gonna like it here in Big Sky Country!

3 thoughts on “Glacier National Park”

  1. You share such BEAUTIFUL pictures.. wish we were working next month with you in Montana so I could hear all about your fabulous trip these past 2 months.. but thanks so much for sharing your trip via the blog. Carole

  2. Such a beautiful place! The wildflowers are spectacular and those sheep – so up close and personal. Wow!

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