Wrapping it up

and putting it in the cupboard.
Milepost after the Trip
It’s tattered and torn, scribbled in and highlighted and the back cover has long ago ripped off. My friend, The Milepost, has found a new home in the cupboard over the steps. Although I’m certain that “The Alaskan Adventure” will crop up in a conversation or two in the posts to come, I did want to give a little summary about our trip home. You know, the nuts and bolts. The miles and gallons and hours. Just the facts, ma’am.
Return Trip Stats –
RV Miles – 3683
Truck Miles – 1697
Gallons of diesel – 479
Average Speed – 41.7
Total hours on the road – 88
Average MPG (RV) 7.6

Total RV Miles for the summer – a whopping 6935!

What a summer this has been! Thanks for coming along on this trip of a lifetime (for us anyway!). If you have any questions about places we’ve been (or anything else about our roaming life), I’ll be happy to answer them. Just leave them in the comments!

And stick around – there are more RVThereyet adventures to come!

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