The things we do as Sowers

Today is the last working day at Camp Utmost. As I was putting the finishing touches on the Human Foosball Court, I was thinking back about all of the different things I’ve done as a Sower –
Learned how to use a zero-turn lawnmower
Learned how to clean pools
Folded 9,853 white towels (give or take a dozen)
Made countless beds
Cleaned just as many restrooms
Cooked for campers and staff and hungry teenage boys
Answered phones
Researched school districts
Compiled Data
Scanned 3 years worth of camper records
Made curtains
Did general motel housekeeping
Waited on tables
Painted. Benches, doors, window frames, buildings, trim, floors, walls, ceilings…….

But I don’t think I have ever had to paint an Human Foosball Court before!
Now maybe you’ve never even heard of an HFC before, so let me explain. Picture a regular foozball game (think Joey and Chandler on Friends). Now imagine it the size of a small tennis court. Put up some walls to keep the ball in play, add some bars across and then sliding tubes for players to hold on to, have the players hold on to the tubes in a particular place (where the tape is in the picture) and then move as a unit back and forth while trying to keep the ball from going into the net.
I understand this is a huge hit in the summer – and to make it a little more interesting, they’ve installed a sprinkler on the top bar to cool off the players on those hot Montana summer days!
What fun!
Along with the HFC and the various buildings that we’ve been staining, there was also this basketball thingy that was in really bad shape –
basketball thing
I wasn’t sure there was any hope for it, but with a little effort from our team
Basketball thing-1
it was soon looking like new!
Basketball thing
I was certainly impressed!
This afternoon we’re gathering up our tools, cleaning up any mess we made (who, us?), and generally packing it in. We won’t be hitting the road until Sunday, but it’s always nice to get a little re-organized once the project is over. All in all, I think we got a lot done in these three weeks and it’s been lots of fun to boot!
Last night we sat around the campfire and enjoyed trying to remember camp songs (man, are we getting old!), and indulged in a s’more or two!
Campfire Singing

Goodness, it will be hard to bid these new friends farewell!

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  1. Thanks for the foozball pix – But that sounds crazy nuts. A whole new way of thinking…
    Love your “sparks flying upward”.

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