Home, home on the range

Where the deer and the antelope roam…..
Bison National Refuge-2
We’re back on the road! Today we interrupted our westward drive with a little side trip to the National Bison Range. It’s about 30 miles north of Missoula, so we left the house in a friendly parking lot in Missoula and set out with just the truck. The day was bright and sunny, and even though we were a little disappointed that we didn’t see many bison up close and personal, it was still an outstanding day!
While we saw a couple that were close enough for this (with a little help from the zoom!)-
Bison National Refuge-6
most of them were more like specks of course pepper on the hillside.
Bison National Refuge-9

But when you’re treated to views like this
Bison National Refuge-10
and this
Bison National Refuge
and this
Bison National Refuge-13
it really is OK if the resident mamma bear and her cubs were off taking naps, and the elk in the valley perfectly blended into the brown fall grass, and the mule deer were off playing with the white tail deer deep in the trees. It was still beautiful.

Tonight we are parked at rest area – oh, about 40 miles west of Missoula. And since my trusty Verizon aircard is hanging on by one little bar, I’m going to let you check out the additional pictures of our day HERE! Our final destination on this leg is Spokane, Washington where we’ll be catching a flight to Dallas, TX. Seems I’ve been elected to the Board of Trustees of the Sower Ministry and next week is their annual board meeting outside of Dallas. We’re combining this with a visit to Lara, so that’s a real treat.

But to get to Spokane, we have to drive through Idaho. And guess what? I’ve never been there!
Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Home, home on the range”

  1. I’ve never been to Idaho either (nor Montana, BC, Yukon, Alaska . . . ) Take lots and lots of pictures . . . love them!

  2. Just got caught up on all your posts (your pics take a long time to load, and they are always worth the wait…I just need to have time to wait for them)!
    You’ve seen some mighty fine places-makes me want to do some exploring down there, which is a very RARE feeling, as there’s so much in my own backyard to explore. God, you, and your camera do a nice job on the scenery!

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