Anybody still checking?

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done an update! I flew to Texas for a SOWER meeting (and a couple of wonderful days with daughter Lara) and while I was there my computer broke. Again. So I was pretty much dependent on other folks for checking email and such until I returned to Idaho where Gary’s computer was. My ‘puter is back visiting with the good (and smart, I hope) Geek Squad guys for a couple of weeks and Gary’s trusty little Dell is coming to the rescue. Once we get settled in at Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa, ID, tomorrow I’ll get a little more organized.

I hope.

2 thoughts on “Anybody still checking?”

  1. I do believe Clay and Becky Walter and son Seth are there for training. They were in Afganistan and were sent home due to problems in the country and their safety. She is also pregnant with #2. Look them up and say “hi”. They are a really nice young couple. They are from our church. I’m still following you and your sight. Great pics and adventures. We just got home today from a 10 cruise out of Philly to Canada and back. Very nice except we thought we would see some beautiful leaves but everything was still green. Only a few red trees. Had a great time and a time for Bob and I to relax. Now it is back to the old grind!!

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