A little recap

Now that we’re settled in our October spot, I guess it’s time for a little recap of the “missing week”. 🙂

We started our little Texas adventure with visit with DD Lara. So sweet. I was only there for a couple of days, but Gary was there for almost a week. And my, was he a busy boy!
installed a new garbage disposer
repaired/replaced about 6 sections of fence
installed two different kitchen lights (where no lights had been before)
replaced the front screen door latch
re-hung the back door so it won’t decapitate any of the pets going in or out.
installed outdoor lighting for the deck
installed outdoor floodlights
replaced two thermostats
did some heavy duty tree/shrub trimming
fixed second floor door
installed shower ring and plumbing to convert clawfoot tub to a shower
And they even managed to fit in a Baylor football game and a new cold.
What a good Dad he is!
I wasn’t nearly as productive, but I did help with getting the recycling under control and helped to set up some storage units. Oh, and I think I did some cooking.
Plus we got to meet the new puppy, Nali (short for Denali)-
nali 9-25-2009 2-41-20 PM
and get better acquainted with her two cats (and the other two that belong to one of her housemates!).
sleeping cats 9-24-2009 3-16-11 PM
They really loved sleeping on our bed. Ahhhhh Chooooooo!

So I left Gary in Waco and headed NE to Lindale and the SOWER ministry office. I’ve been elected to the board of trustees (go figure!) and was about to attend my first board meeting. Gulp.
board meeting 9-26-2009 8-40-09 AM
I’m sure you’ve heard me say how blessed we are to be working with this ministry. I was honored to be asked to serve and my first official meeting went well. We have a great Board of Trustees – men and women of various backgrounds with many years of experience in our ministry. We got a lot of work done, but spent a fair bit of time laughing while we were at it. I think it will be a good three years.
And as I traveled back and forth from Dallas, I couldn’t help but marvel at the distant scenery as we flew over it.
September Air Travel
(The actual pictures from this collage are HERE if you’d like a closer look.)

So here we are in Nampa, Idaho – just outside of Boise in the SW corner of the state. We haven’t seen too much of the area except to check out Best Buy, Michaels, Kohls, Costco, and Walmart. (It’s been a while since we’ve been so close to civilization. :)) I’m sure I’ll have lots more details about this beautiful area and this exciting ministry – Mission Aviation Fellowship – in the days to come, but for now I’ll close this (not so) little recap with a shot of the sunrise our first morning (from our spot in the Walmart parking lot)-
Nampa Sunrise
and a shot of our first sunset as we took an evening walk –
Nampa Sunset 10-2-2009 7-25-49 PM
Yes, I think I’m going to like it here just fine!

2 thoughts on “A little recap”

  1. The dog is adorable. What kind is it? Can’t tell by the picture. Did you have snow out there. Saw on the weather the mountains could have 1-2 feet of snow. You should be heading south for the winter-the birds do!!

  2. Carol,

    She’s a Great Pyrenees… she’s starting to lose all her puppy fur now, which makes me sad – but so far she’s growing up to be a sweet dog. So fun to have around!

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