MAF – Mission Aviation Fellowship

Overcoming Barriers, Transforming Lives, Building God’s Kingdom
This is quite a ministry!
Do you remember the movie “End of the Spear” from several years ago? It’s the story of 5 American missionaries in Ecuador who were brutally killed by the Waodani people in 1956 and then the miraculous bond that builds between those natives and the families of the men . Nate Saint, the pilot of that expedition, was an MAF missionary.
Nate Saint Plane
This is his plane (with the addition of some structural steel to hold it together) recovered from the river landing strip and a display about that event and the redemption that followed. (Interesting fact (for my hometown buddies) – Nate Saint was born in Huntingdon Valley, PA!)

Today, MAF deploys a full range of aviation, communications and distance education services to maximize ministry throughout Asia, Africa, Eurasia, and Latin America. And they currently work with over 1000 Mission, Christian and Humanitarian Organizations. Everything from Amigos de las Americas to East African Ministries to Habitat for Humanity to Kalico Free School (Haiti) to Mission to the World (MTW) to Salvation Army to Waorani Church to Zending Gereformeerde Kerken (GZK). We are working at their headquarters/training center. Pilots and mechanics (and their families) come here to train for overseas work – learning how to land on itty bitty runways, transport anything from food and medical supplies to people and livestock, and deal with many different scenarios (including kidnapping). Along with their administration building, they also have a hanger where they rebuild planes and get other planes ready for service. (For those of you who “know” planes, most of their fleet are Cessna 206 Turbos because of their capability to land on short runways. They are excited to be adding the Kodiak airplane to their fleet. These planes are larger but can still land on the short runways. Plus, they use jetfuel – much cheaper and easier to get than the Avgas that the Cessnas use. Here is more info about their planes.)
MAF planes
So what are we doing here?
Well, we ladies are doing inventory. We’re counting rivets, and O rings, and landing tires, and screws. It’s amazing how many little parts go into airplane maintenance.
MAF inventory
But we girls definitely have the better job. The guys are clearing a field that is choked with weeds. And I mean choked.
MAF weeds
And these are mean, nasty, prickly, deep rooted BAD weeds.
MAF weeds-1
Weeds that do this to the bottom of your shoes…..
Goathead Shoes
Gary was VERY happy to have this week over!
This is a pretty new facility, built in 2006, that not only has the large administration building and the hanger/repair building, but also has two multiplex apartment buildings and a very nice RV park adjacent to their parking lot.
MAF RV sites
Most nights we enjoy this view from our windshield as the sun sets –
MAF sunset

So, if MAF serves 1000 organizations and we serve MAF, does that mean we’re actually serving 1001 organizations?
And I thought we were just counting bazillion rivets and digging up weed bushes.

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