The missing part

Those of you who stop by here often know that we had an AMAZING summer. I totally overworked words like Spectacular, Awesome, and Incredible as we drove through British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, Alberta and Alaska. We were overwhelmed (another over-used word) by the mountains and moose and bear and glaciers and fjords and rivers and elk and eagles (etc, etc) that we saw, not to mention the wonderful people that we met and worked along side of during our time there. It was an outstanding, once in a lifetime trip.
There was only one drawback with our whole Alaskan Adventure ’09 scenario. It pretty much ruled out getting to our beloved Cabin in Vermont. We just couldn’t do both. But, for the first time in many, many years, our kids and grandkids ALL made it to the Cabin. And while it wasn’t quite the same as being there ourselves, it did my heart good to hear their stories and see their pictures and know that they were loving that little corner of the world that is so precious to us.
Toby and Tammy and the girls went during the summer. This was their first Cabin trip in nine years, and the girls’ introduction to life at the Cabin. Ah, the adventure of it all!
cabin summer 2009-1
cabin summer 2009-2
cabin summer 2009-6
Cabin summer 2009
I’m calling this the Turtle Series:
cabin summer 2009-8
cabin summer 2009-3
cabin summer 2009-4
It sounded like (and looks like!) the girls had a great introduction to the cabin, even with all of it’s rustic (i.e no running water) charm!
Josiah and Abigail went up over Labor Day. They brought up friends for the long weekend(always fun) and then had a couple of days to themselves as the week went on. I know they worked hard on some chores, and I trust they worked hard on kickin’ back and recharging too. What they didn’t work hard on was picture taking…. 🙂
So, moving on to Lara’s trip – Ah, she came in October. When you keep a fire going all the time and get to enjoy the amazing New England fall colors.
cabin fall 2009
cabin fall 2009-3
cabin fall 2009-5
cabin fall 2009-4

Our backyard swing is becoming a favorite photo spot –
Summer –
cabin summer 2009-7
Fall –
cabin fall 2009-6
Yes, we missed getting our “Cabin Fix” in person this year, but a vicarious “fix” is better than none at all!
Thanks, kids!

We’re still at MAF, even though our original plan was to head out yesterday (Thursday). My computer won’t be back at Best Buy until Monday, so we’re obviously hanging around until then. (They’ve replaced the motherboard again – maybe the third time’s the charm?) Most of the Sower folks have left, so it will be a quiet (and I’m told rainy) weekend. Back to the sewing machine I go!

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