Salt Lake City with Bethany

We were delighted to be able to connect with our niece, Bethany, who lives outside of Salt Lake City in Ogden. She and I had a great afternoon exploring SLC (while Gary did a little R&R in the Walmart parking lot). I love it when I can “see” a city with someone who is familiar with it and expecially when they do the driving!
Our drive into town started with some very interesting traffic –
SLC with Beth
(I’ve seen some pretty big things going down the road, but with the exception of a house we saw going down the street in Bonifay, FL, I think this wins!)
But Salt Lake City – Very nice!
SLC with Beth-1
SLC with Beth-2
SLC with Beth-3
You can’t really ‘do’ SLC without visiting some of the major Mormon landmarks, so we took in a few –
This is a view of “The Place” where Joseph Smith decided that SLC (well, the area) was The Place for he and his followers to settle.
SLC with Beth-4
I’m not sure why, but there is also a monument to the Pony Express there too.
SLC with Beth-5
(I loved all the snow. It’s much nicer in the cities and on the statues that it was later on Interstate 15 over the mountains.)
And of course there was Temple Square. We managed to avoid the plethera of Mormon Missionaries that want to show you around, and I enjoyed having Bethany give her insights.
SLC with Beth-6
SLC with Beth-7
SLC with Beth-8
SLC with Beth-9
SLC with Beth-10
(My two pictures of Beth were blurry – so you’ll have to trust me, she’s lovely!)

We shared a lovely meal, had a great time catching up, and were very thankful for our time together. Truly one of the great perks of this lifestyle is being able to touch base with folks we love!

The other is being able to drive the house to where it’s warm!

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  1. I was in Salt Lake City about 2 years ago (did the same drive you guys did from Idaho). My client told me that on Thursday nights, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal is open to the public. So, I went. In many respects it was just like any other choir rehearsal……”Let me hear the altos and sopranos beginning at measure 18.”, etc. But, when they put it all together, man-oh-man what a sound!!! There was a reunion group visiting that had served on the same ship in WW II and when the director found this out, he stopped the rehearsal asked all of us to stand while the choir sang The Navy Hymn. Very moving.


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