New Skill!!

I’m sure you’ve heard me say before how many different things we get to do as Sowers. While we often do the mundane – folding laundry, cleaning restrooms, painting trim – sometimes we get to learn new and different skills. This was just the case for both Gary and I as we were given the task of “making” 300 T-shirts!
First you line up the T-shirt on the special T-shirt iron-on pressing gizmo.
Then you line up the iron-on decal where you think it should go.
Then you pull down the 400 degree top, and wait until the beeper goes off – about 10 seconds.
Do NOT wait until you begin to see smoke. That’s a bad thing. Trust me.
The RIGHT AWAY you remove the backing of the decal. Do not get distracted by your wife.
And there you have it – a customized T-shirt!
Ok, now do another one. And another one. And another one…..
Gary handled the “machine” and I handled the folding.
It was fun to work together (we don’t often get to do that) and we felt quite accomplished as our pile of “completed” T-shirts grew.

We love learning new skills. 🙂

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