The Jordan Outreach Thanksgiving Extravaganza

Remember those chairs?
Today was the day we were going to fill them up!
We started the day with lots and lots of food –
T-giving Outreach
T-giving Outreach-1
Added lots of volunteers who moved the food to the tables
T-giving Outreach-2
and then “packaged” most of the food into bags for easier distribution.
T-giving Outreach-7
T-giving Outreach-5
(that’s Gary up to his knees in bags, and I think it was about to get deeper!).
The gates opened up at 10AM, but the line started forming long before then –
T-giving Outreach-3
But soon they were finding their seats and enjoying a time of worship and thanksgiving –
T-giving Outreach-4
(It was a beautiful day – but the sun got pretty hot. I found these helper-kids in some make-shift shade as they waited for the service to be over!)
T-giving Outreach-6
At last the folks were in line for the food – and by the time they got to my station (I was handing out candy AFTER the pie), their arms were full of frozen turkey, lemonade, potatoes, onions, carrots, tortillas, canned corn, stuffing mix and a pumpkin pie.
T-giving Outreach-8
And once the folks started through the line, there was no time for whipping out the camera!
The next time I had a chance to snap a shot – it was clean-up time!
T-giving Outreach-9

Last week the ministry was having trouble finding the turkeys they needed for their event today. They were planning on buying them, but there didn’t seem to be any to be available. Yet today they had over 1000 birds ready for distribution. How’s that for a Thanksgiving Moment!

So, today was our Thanksgiving Day. Tomorrow we will be on the road moving to our next project. We might try to find a restaurant along the way, but we might just enjoy a simple dinner of pancakes and bacon. But it won’t alter the fact that we are so very thankful for this life we have been blessed to experience, the family and friends that God has put into our lives, and unspeakable gift of His son, Jesus.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

Praise God the Father who’s the source;
Praise God the Son who is the course;
Praise God the Spirit who’s the flow;
Praise God, our portion here below!

And our wish is for you all to have a blessed Thanksgiving Day! Eat some turkey for us 🙂

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