Rainy Weekends

Since we’re having a classic rainy weekend here in Southern California, we won’t be getting out to see any sights (other than those on the way to Home Depot and maybe Joann Fabrics!). But I thought you might like to see a little bit of our project this month – both what this camp is like, and also just what we’ve been busy doing.
Indian Hills has quite a facility here. Their target age group is 8 – 14, and the camp does a great job of appealing to those kids! There are lots of fun options for sleeping –
and Covered Wagons.
For activities they start with a couple of pools
(This one is closed for the season – but I think you can get the drift!)
and great playground.
Plus they have archery, dirt bikes courses, and rock climbing, along with hiking trails and all your standard ball fields. Oh, and they also have one of those Human Foosball Courts!
While they have groups in over the weekends during these winter months, this is definitely their time to catch-up on lots of maintenance and upgrades. The guys have had quite a variety of ‘chores’ – from building bunk beds in the tipis
to rebuilding the steps to the office,
to patching cracks in all of the cabins and bathrooms.
Right now they are almost all working in a kitchen remodel.
As you can see, they have all been kept plenty busy!
We ladies, likewise, have not been wondering what to do. Pretty much we’ve been spending our time painting bathrooms. They have three bath houses -you know, four sinks, three toilets, three showers or some variation thereof. Here’s one side of one –
Bathroom Painting
And then there is one building with 6 individual wash rooms and 6 individual showers. So far we’ve painted everything but one side of one of the bath houses.
Oh, and when we would run out of paint – there was always bathroom CLEANING that we could do. Now I don’t want you to think that all of the showers looked like this because they didn’t. But sometimes by the end of the summer, the soap scum just wins. This one was especially bad.
Shower dirty
Much to the amazement of the janitor (a very sweet 22 year old guy – really, what could he possibly know about soap scum?), we managed to get this one looking like new!
Shower clean
Nuttin’ like a little Sower Lady Elbow Grease!

We celebrated the end of our second week (actually I think we were actually celebrating the start of our long weekend!) with a trip to Dairy Queen.
Now that’s a group of hard workin’ Sowers if I’ve ever seen one!

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