Some Post Christmas Pre-Christmas travels……

Well, the bags are packed and we’re pretty ready to go, but since we don’t actually leave for our Christmas in Columbus until the wee hours of tomorrow, I thought I’d do a quick post about a lovely drive we took on Christmas Eve day. Here’s a map of where we went (for those of you map enthusiasts!)
Map Christmas Drive
We started at the red dot at the bottom of the map and followed the dotted line clockwise. (The red circled area is where our January project is and where we are leaving our house while we have our Columbus Christmas. Los Angeles is just out of view to the left.)
So, the drive.
Pretty much we went through mountains and valleys, big roads and small roads, straight roads and winding roads. We saw snow and palm trees, ate lunch next to a giant dinasour, and generally had just a fine day.
Christmas Drive
Christmas Drive-1
Christmas Drive-2
Christmas Drive-3
Christmas Drive-4
We’re getting pretty high, until finally –
Christmas Drive-5
Christmas Drive-6
Christmas Drive-7
Christmas Drive-8
I really loved this little lake we passed – You’re lucky I only picked two of the pictures I took there!
We began winding our way down the mountainside – can you see the beginning of some civilization there between the peaks?
Christmas Drive-9
We made it to I10 – and had lunch at a resturant that had these fun neighbors –
Christmas Drive-10
Christmas Drive-11
Not every dinasour has a fire escape, you know!
Christmas Drive-12
Back to I10 –
Christmas Drive-13
Then on to the “Palms to Pines Highway” –
Christmas Drive-14
Christmas Drive-17
And believe me, that was one winding road!
Christmas Drive-19Christmas Drive-20
But before long we were back in a valley -though it wasn’t quite so green –
Christmas Drive-21
And finally back to our sweet “resort” campground, where we were blessed with this lovely Christmas Eve sunset –
Christmas eve sunset
I hope your Christmas was delightful – our’s is just around the corner!

One thought on “Some Post Christmas Pre-Christmas travels……”

  1. Great going down the road pictures. That lake looked like glass. So beautiful.

    Have a nephew who lives in Temecula. That’s a beautiful area of Cali.

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