When the world gives you lemons…..

I say “Let’s make a Lemon Meringue Pie!”
Not that I have actually ever done that before.
There was a time (in a previous lifetime) that I was considered a pretty good cook. I even dabbled in a little catering off and on. But I confess that the only lemon meringue pies that I made (and trust me, there weren’t very many), came from something that looked like this –


My other stumbling block in doing really any type of baking (other than an occasional batch of brownies right out of the Duncan Hines box) has been the amount of counterspace in my little house. On a good day (read I have gotten the dishes washed and put away) this is my entire cooking work space.
And if I need to actually cook something on the stove (in one of my two saucepans), my space reduces to this.
This arrangement has made me very good at cooking very simple things.
Not so good at complicated, multi-step recipes.
But I had all those lemons……..
Plus, I had that cornstarch that I’ve been carrying around for the last 5+ year.
Why, I even had eggs.
It seemed like the stars were perfectly aligned.
So thanks to my friend The Internet, I rounded up a couple of recipes, and gave it my best shot.
This is what my kitchen looked like after I got the pie in the oven –
But THIS is what the pie looked like.
I was able to reclaim the kitchen (eventually), and I have to tell you, the pie was REALLY GOOD.
OK, so it was a little runny, but my, oh my, was it yummy!
And since that pile of lemons in the top picture is of the lemons I have left, I think there might just be another pie in my near future!

2 thoughts on “When the world gives you lemons…..”

  1. I love your photo essay and your pie looks great. Lemon meringue is one of my favorites. And I’m glad you put the picture of the leftover lemons at the top – what a good shot! They are so perfect for coming off a neighbor’s tree.

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