The Morning Commute

Usually when we are on a SOWER project we’re parked within walking distance of where we will be working. Pretty much we leave the house at 7:28 to get to devotions at 7:30. And that has seemed early enough. But this project has a little twist. For the time being, we are parked about 12 miles away from the project. Pretty much in the desert.
February Parking
While it makes for great sunsets and quiet nights,
Desert Sunset
it also makes for a morning commute. And while it’s pretty much a direct drive, it’s more than three minutes.
Out the drive,turn left.
Morning Commute-1
Drive down Dillon Road.
Morning Commute-2
And down Dillon Road
Morning Commute-4
And down Dillon Road, getting closer to town
Morning Commute-5
But not too close – still plenty of “country” out here!
Morning Commute-6
Finally getting into civilization (traffic lights and some better road surface!)
Morning Commute-7
And then to work!
Morning Commute-8
We were given a tour of the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission first thing. And my, were we impressed. They have three basic programs – one for emergency housing (one night at a time), one called “case management” where men and women (and their children) can stay for an extended time and work with a case manager to help resolve some of their life issues, and then there’s the New Life Program. The New Life Program is a 12 month program that combines discipleship, job training, and residential responsibilities. The Mission also has a food distribution program and they serve breakfast and dinner to many area homeless. We were blessed to hear the testimony of one of their New Life clients this morning, and we’ll be hearing more in the days to come. How great is our God!
But speaking of commutes – we had a little commute on Sunday for church. This time we turned right out of the drive as we headed to Desert Hot Springs.
Drive to Church-2
I think we’ll be spending a fair bit of time on Dillon Road this month!
Coachella Map_edited-1

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  1. Hey, Laura!
    So glad you were able to get online – and that you stopped by my little blog! I hope you’re having a nice relaxing time there down the road!

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