Happy Hour – Sower Style

Have I mentioned before how we not only have a twelve mile commute to work at this project, but that our rigs are parked in two different locations? We’re only about a 1/4 mile apart as the crow flys (over the desert and through private property), but it’s about a 15 minute walk so it’s not like we can pop over for a quick chat or to borrow a cup of sugar (you know, for all that baking I do!). To try to compensate for our slight lack of “community” and to celebrate the end of the week (yes, even hardworking SOWERS are happy for the weekend!), yesterday we had our very own “Happy Hour” over at the other neighborhood!
Parking spot 2
While the guys were busy setting up chairs, I took in the view –
Parking Spot 2 view
Quite nice, don’t you think?
Our Happy Hour is a little different from the traditional HH – we decided to concentrate on Ice Cream instead of drinks! One of the couples picked up some ice cream on the way home and the rest of us raided our pantry for toppings. We had chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, pecans, almonds, chocolate chips, craisens and Cool Whip. And while I wish I could show you pictures of our lovely pre-dinner ice cream social, I was too busy enjoying it to snap any pictures. You know the saying, life is uncertain – eat dessert first. We concur.
I did get the camera out, though, when I saw a bird feeder set up just outside the parking area. And even though the feeder was just about empty, there was still plenty of activity –
A beautiful little House Finch
House Finch
A House Finch coming in for a landing –
A White Crowned Sparrow –
White crowned sparrow
And my personal favorite (well, today anyway), the Gambel’s Quail-
Gambel's Quail
who were busy scooting around between the rocks under the feeder. They are very fun to watch!
It was so nice to sit and relax with friends after a busy week. Plus the drive home (all 2 minutes of it) was lovely.
evening sky
(That’s us down on the left.)
We have lots of options this weekend here in the Valley – the Riverside County Fair and Datefest starts today, there’s a Greek Festival on Saturday and Sunday, there’s always the big flea market over at the College of the Desert, different RV resorts offer entertainment and festivals….Phew. Oh, and the weather? Well, the cute girl on the local station is promising sunshine and 75.

3 thoughts on “Happy Hour – Sower Style”

  1. Absolutely wonderful pictures of the quails. You were fortunate to have such a good view of them. They are so skittish, but beautiful.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

  2. Those quail were hard to capture – they sure don’t stay still much. We were pretty far away (for a point and shoot I have a pretty nice zoom) so we weren’t actually in their space. I do love watching them!
    And Happy Valentine’s Day back at cha!

  3. Hi Steph;
    got your e-mail & wanted to check out your site. Great to look forward to some of this.
    Hope visit to east pa. is going well.

    blessings g&e valentine

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