The Date Festival

Date Festival-1
Want to come along to the County Fair/Date Festival? Here we go!
Date Festival-2
Date Festival-3
Date Festival-4
Date Festival-5
We started early in the morning because we wanted to catch the Ostrich and Camel Races. I mean really, who would want to miss that!
The arena-
Date Festival-6
The contenders –
Date Festival-7
Who you looking at….
Date Festival-8
And they’re off!
Date Festival-14
Oops –
Date Festival-15
No ostriches or jockeys were hurt in the filming of this race!
Before they started the camel race, there were some audience participation activities –
Little girls chasing emus –
Date Festival-9
and more small girls herding chickens –
Date Festival-11
OK – back to the “big event”
Date Festival-16
(and here’s the rest of the picture!)
Date Festival-17
All the races were very fun to watch , and here are a couple of video’s from the ostrich races. (I must have been too engrossed in the camel race to hit the “record” button!)
The Ostrich Chariot Race:

And ridin’ em bareback –

We skipped the alligator wrestling and pig races, but enjoyed lots of other fair sights and sounds –
Date Festival - Riverside County Fair
It was a fun morning, but before we succumbed to the expensive (and fried) fair food, we left to run our Saturday errands. But, since there was some interesting entertainment scheduled for the evening, I joined friends Laura and Ed for a return later in the day!
Date Festival-27
Date Festival-29
There was a wonderful “pageant” that was presented on this stage –
Date Festival-28
which looked a little more magical once it got dark.
Date Festival-30
The performance was great – a mythical story, complete with princes and princesses, fairies and genies, and a musical score that went from Gilligan’s Island to show tunes to today’s pop hits. It was lots of fun!
The other thing we had returned for was the “Headliner” – tonight’s main attraction was Country Music Artist, Rodney Atkins. We really enjoyed his concert –
Date Festival-33
but I must confess that the opening act that night – Lucas Nelson (son of Willie Nelson) was a little, um, hard on these old ears! The younguns’ in the front of the arena certainly seem to be enjoying him!
Date Festival-32
It was a great fair! We didn’t get to see everything (I totally missed the building with all the date displays and cooking shows. Duh.), but what we did get to see and do we certainly enjoyed.
But one thing I didn’t miss was THIS ride-

And I didn’t start the camera until the second bounce.

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