Wrapping up the Mission

Tomorrow is the last day of our February Sower project at Coachella Valley Rescue Mission. And I suppose I always say this, but where does the time go?! It’s been a good project – while there weren’t any “big” projects (like building a deck or finishing an addition), the guys worked hard on various repairs and painting projects, and really spruced the place up!

IMG_4521 IMG_4553 IMG_4532 IMG_4554

We ladies did a little painting too, but mostly we worked in the office and finished out the project sorting clothes for the thrift shop.

IMG_4562 Thrift Store Shuffle

Oh, yeah – We LOVE the Thrift Shop Shuffle!
One of the high points of our time working at the mission was being able to attend one of their graduations. About 15 men and women graduated from their two different programs, and it was inspiring to hear some of their stories and learn of God’s Grace in their lives. We also heard from many of the clients during our morning devotions. Men and women, young (18) and old (55), who found themselves on the street, usually as a result of different addictions and poor life choices. Some arrived at the mission with a little “nudge from the judge”, and some found their way simply because they needed a meal or a hot shower or a safe place to spend the night. The CVRM webpage says – “Not housing the homeless, but ending the homelessness. One life at a time.” And after our three weeks there, we can see that philosophy in action. This is an amazing ministry.
But our time here has certainly not been all work. Aside from our weekend fun (Dates Festivals and such), we had a potluck with other SOWERs in the area (there were about thirty of us!),
we took a drive to check out a camp near Julian that might become a SOWER project
Julian Oaks-1
and of course, don’t forget those great Happy Hours –
And while the commute and our “split” parking sites have presented some challenges, it’s hard to even whisper a complaint when we begin the day with this –
Morning Sky
and end it with this –

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