Joshua Tree National Park, Part III

We took advantage of our last Friday in this area to finish seeing Joshua Tree National Park. Of course, we still didn’t see it all. Aside of all of the trails to hike, there are all of those rocks to climb. We did take in a nature trail or two, but mostly we were just enjoying our drive through the deserts. (Joshua Tree NP is where the Colorado Desert joins the Mohave Desert. Just so you know.)
Joshua Tree NP
The east side of the park is much more desert, and much less rock, but it still was interesting.
Here’s the map –
JoshuaTree Map
(Not that you can see it very well, but the blue is our “getting there” route, and the orange is our “getting home” route.)
And here are pictures from along the way….
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-1
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-2
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-5
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-6
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-7
We did stop at the cholla garden –
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-9
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-10
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-11
And while we saw lots of interesting sights along the way –

Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-20 Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-16 Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-14 Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-13

I do believe that this is what Gary had been looking for all along!
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-24
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-26
Ah, yes. Tire tracks through the desert. A Gary kind of road!
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-27
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-29
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-31
And then there was the …road? Which way did it go?
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-34
We knew we had chosen well, when we finally spotted the Salton Sea in the distance –
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-36
The road began to improve (and I use the term loosely) and we could see I10 in the distance.
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-39
Another dirt road adventure completed successfully!
Oh, we did find another canyon road to finish up the day – and it was a very pretty drive.
Box Canyon Road 3
But, hey – it’s PAVED!

6 thoughts on “Joshua Tree National Park, Part III”

  1. What a beautiful place and what a fun adventure. That quail looks like a little man with a funny hat in a bird suit – just my opinion, but it made me smile.

  2. We’ve seen lots of quail during our time here – but never in a tree before! And I agree – they are quite wonderfully garbed!
    I was also please to get a couple shots of the road runner. They scoot out of the camera range pretty quick and this one was nice and still!

  3. Have you seen signs for Victorville or George Air Force Base? We lived on Base for 2 years when Bob was in the air force. Everything looks so familar in your pictures. Still looks like the desert I remember. Love your blog and all your pictures. You guys look like you are really enjoying this trek.
    Yes surgery is going to hurt I’m sure. The Dr. says I won’t like him for awhile but when the pain goes away I will like him again. Not sewing or quilting for awhile. Must go make this months block for the $5 quilt at Byrne so I have it done and can get the next one for free. The one for April I’ll have to hurry and do when I get the cast off and hopefully move my hand again. Thanks again for praying for sucess of the surgery and my patience while recovering.

  4. I hadn’t seen signs for Victorville, so I did a little checking. (My CA geography still leaves (quite) a bit to be desired!). It’s actually closer to where we’ll be in March – Palmdale, CA, which is north of LA. It’s funny when locals say how green it’s become since the rain. It certainly isn’t the “green” I know! But it is beautiful in its own way!

  5. Steph, I just love your pictures!! Especially the birds who usually flit away so quickly. Great shots of the quail and roadrunner.

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